Stock photos of Japan, Japanese culture, and life.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't provide answers for every conceivable question, so please contact me if there is something more you need to know.

Artist Statement: It wasn't me officer.

1. Who are you? I'm a guy who enjoys being in Japan and doing this stuff.

2. Are you in Japan? Yes, central Japan. Nagoya City is the fourth largest city in Japan, and because it is home to the Toyota Motor Corporation, it is on par with Tokyo and London as being one of the most expensive cities in terms of real estate prices.

3. You've got two portfolios? Currently, yes. For an agency, I use Asian Photo Connection by Henry Westheim and I have my own portfolio hosted on PhotoShelter. If you find something on the Asian Photo Connection / Henry Westheim website, please contact him first; he's my go-to man in Taiwan.

4. Do you do assignments? Look at this and contact me, and we'll fit you in.

5. About your fees... All of my images are available for immediate purchase and download, and fees are shown when you click on the licensing buttons. All fees are based on industry averages, and discount coupons are occasionally available.

6. What are your turn-ons? Organised people.

7. Can you travel for a photographic assignment? In most cases, yes. I'm creeped-out by spiders, so no spider-research facility assignments, please.

8. I've found some interesting photos taken by you, but how can I find out more interesting information about them? Often I blog about my world conquests, and so you can often find some extra info there. Surprisingly, Wikipedia is also quite useful for even the most obscure facts about Japan.

9. What's the weirdest thing you've photographed? Next question.

10. What photographic gear do you use? Professional grade digital SLR and film cameras, exquisite normal and long focal range lenses, superb hotshoe and studio flashes, a terrific tripod with a snazzy shutter release, a nice notepad and pencil, the finest plans made by men and mice, and a four-leaf clover.

11. Do you also use film? Of course! Ever heard of an artist who only ever painted with blue? Oh, yeah... Picasso.

12. You spelt color and organized wrong. So did you. Did you know that the words and original spellings for colour, organised, centre and others came from French: the same people who helped the American colonies gain their independence.

13. I'm producing a ______ and I found your images. I don't have a budget but I can credit you and give you exposure. Can I have your images for free? Sure, see here for details and caveats: Free stock images.

14. Can you do charity work? There are a lot of wonderful charities and I can't support them all, so I only do the charities I have prioritised.

About Image Quality

All images are photographed to ensure the best quality for delivery. I take that extra step of moving, leaning, squatting and such to get a better view of the subject rather than using PhotoShop and its artificial effects (see PSDisasters for why). I use the best lenses available, and constantly dreaming of the next camera body upgrade, and sometimes my dreams are fulfilled (see how you can help and get 'free stock photos').

Most images in this portfolio are:

Since you've read this far, then you're either interested in me or my photos, so you ought to stop dreaming about me and get shopping ;-)

Portfolios at: AsiaPhotoConnection; PhotoShelter.
Other pages: Contact; photography assignments; YouTube channel; blog, info & updates.

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