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This website is designed to be as simple as possible to use and to maintain, and we aim to provide a good user experience. Consequently, advertising is either kept to a very minimum or not used at all. Furthermore, to keep user satisfaction high, privacy and transparency is considered important. Because I am busy, this terms & conditions page should be considered to be in draft form, it will be updated, changed, and added to in the future without notice.

It is assumed that all persons who access JapanesePhotos.Asia (from here termed as "the site" or "we") agree to these terms and conditions, and all applicable international and local laws. The terms "you", "your", "visitors", "users", and other similar words should be considered as meaning any person, organisation, or collective. Your use of the site must be legal, and abide by common mores of respect, morality, internet etiquette, and politeness. Unauthorised use, breaches of these terms and conditions may find the user banned and any content they have provided deleted without warning (and backup copies will not be retained).

Terms & Conditions

Do not spam (adding unauthorised advertising); do not hack into the site, do not use other peoples' account accesses (ie, don't steal their passwords and break in, or similar); don't be rude, immoral, break laws, or other unwanted behaviour; don't steal photographs or other content; don't upload any viruses, trojans, worms, or other malicious content to the site; don't add unauthorised images to the site; don't annoy us or other users of this site; don't do anything that could get this website and people associated with it in legal or financial trouble; don't consider us responsible for third party actions (or non-actions); don't consider us responsible for any of your losses incurred from using this site (including psychological, financial, material, and others); don't consider us responsible for any losses from software or technological problems (servers do breakdown, backups do get lost, etc); don't consider us responsible for your privacy on this site (please see for more information, be aware of the general risks of your on-line activities, use protection software, and be aware that websites do occasionally have private information stolen, if your private information is stolen we will attempt to inform you if we find out about it). More will be added at a later date.

Caveats to the above: if you have been given permission by the site owners; if it is legal to do so in jurisdictions that may legally cover this site. If in doubt, please contact us first.

Repercussions: if you do something wrong or something that we don't like, either listed on this page or not, your account may be deleted; content you provided may be deleted; legal action against you may result. We reserve the right to ban you, delete your account, delete your content at any time, without notice, without giving reason, and we may choose to ignore all electronic communication from you.


We are not FaceBook, and so we are not in the business of selling your personal information to third parties.

Your privacy is considered important. We do not collect identifiable personal information on users browsing this site, unless they explicitly provide it to us. However, we do use Google Analytics, which provides mainly statistical and generalised demographic information. That is to say, we only learn of things like what operating system visitors use, browsers, computer monitor dimensions, geographical locations of site visitors, language of browser and so forth. Such information is useful for tailoring the website to improve user experience, and providing relevant content to the general website audience. A recent check using Collusion on tracking services on JapanesePhotos.Asia revealed that PhotoShelter.Com, YouTube, and AddThis tracks visitors on particular pages on the site. We do not and cannot obtain any specific nor personally identifiable information from these third party sites, and any other third party trackers. However, if visitors join the blog, or sign up on PhotoShelter, then we will have access to basic information such as your real name (should you choose to provide this), e-mail address, and few other details that you choose to provide. We will only obtain information like your home or work address, phone number, and banking details among others if you choose to provide it, and as a part of business transactions. This personal information you provide will not be forwarded to any third parties unless it assists in completing financial transactions you initiated. Please note that most image-purchase transactions are automatic and handled by third parties (eg: Asia Photo Connection and PhotoShelter), and so we normally do not get access to any personal information. Any personally identifiable information you have given to us may be deleted at any time when deemed that it is no longer necessary to retain, however, we may need to retain some information for taxation purposes and for as long as it may be legally required. Your information may be handed over to taxation officials and / or law enforcement officers when properly requested by them. In short, we don't need to and don't want to screw around with you and our customers; all customers and site users are equally important. We aim to abide by commonly accepted ethos, so please see for more information related to general internet privacy.

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