Healthy food for on the go

OMG, these are sooooo good. They’re healthy, but taste soooo nice. In Japan, for a quick bite, you have the choice low-quality, and not very tasty bread products, or junk food snacks. The only health food bars are “Soyjoy”, which are tasteless, and very small. So, you need to import your own. These are amazingly nice. Some flavours from this maker are good, but these two are great. You can find them at Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

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The World Cosplay Summit will be promoted on ANA

The Nagoya based World Cosplay Summit (WCS) will be promoted on All Nippon Airways (ANA) flights in February and March this year. It seems to be a part of the “Cool Japan” public relations the Japanese government has been promoting for a little over a decade now. The short video will have both English and Chinese subtitles. A preview can be seen here, Unfortunately, their campaign doesn’t seem well planned, especially with the title, “Is Japan Cool?”. I’ll let you answer that for yourself. The photo above is from the 2012 Taiwan contingent on the red carpet event in the hot August morning.

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Emergency incident in Nagoya

I have no idea how serious an incident this is. I’ve just seen seven fire trucks, two police cars, and one  

 ambulance arrive at Yagoto Nisseki station on the Meijo Line, in Nagoya. At this station there happens to be a hospital. One stretcher was taken down via the elevator. Updates will be added if more is learnt. 

Update, 3pm: According to Twitter users there were eight injuries at Yagoto Nisseki station. Cause still unknown. Station staff are not at the ticket gates, and there are no announcements, but 2 hour delays on the Meijo Line. 

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A Taiwanese model’s life is ruined by an internet meme created by a plastic surgery advertising agency

A Taiwanese model’s life is ruined by an internet meme created by a plastic surgery advertising agency (BBC). I had seen the photo recently, paraded as “Husband divorces wife for ugly children” (like this website).

From a meme or click bait website,

From a meme or click bait website, The advertisement ran with the caption, “The only thing you’ll ever have to worry about is how to explain it to the kids”.

I’ll admit that my initial reaction was less than nice to her. It was also a sexist headline, too, saying nothing about the man. However, I didn’t have a vital piece of information: They are all models, not even related to each other, doing a job for an advertising agency; and that her looks are indeed natural. Besides, someone famous once said, “You can’t believe everything you see on the internet” – Abraham Lincoln, 1868. The tragedy is that this model has lost work, and now mentally suffers much anguish from public opinion of her personally. She was a model, hired to do a job, and she did it. The advertising agency conceived of the concept, and chose the people, and the caption. Just how much creative control did the models have? None. Also, how are the children doing? They have been labelled as being ‘ugly’. How are they getting on at school?

So, what went wrong? The advertising agency should never have chosen this caption and concept. The advertisement should have treated the models with far more respect. Consequently, I think I would never agree to modelling for a plastic surgery ad, and I’m sure most female models would now avoid such a job. Also, the issue with Royalty Free images (RF) is that the model and photographer both have no control over the images once it’s sold. Whereas, there is a lot more control over Rights Managed photos, but still there is no control once an image is lost to the internet.

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