Internet censorship… again!

There was an interesting interview regarding the latest attempt to censor the internet with newly proposed legislation called CISPA, here on YouTube. The main argument against it is that it is an internet version of wire-tapping and snooping. For telephones, police need to argue for and have credible evidence to obtain warrants from courts and judges, but CISPA attempts to circumvent this. A spokes woman from the Centre of Democracy and Technology in Washington says that “…it creates a real civil liberties problem”. Furthermore, she states that there are already law enforcement tools that the various police forces are currently using to regulate the internet, and these don’t infringe on civil liberties.

The problem with CISPA, like PIPA and SOPA, is that these are blanket bills, these attempt not to regulate only Americans in America, but anyone who uses internet services that have connections to the US. Potentially, a crackdown on freedom of speech on the internet can impact beyond the US jurisdiction and infringe on the sovereignties of other countries. However, I’m not American, I have never been there, but I don’t want that government (or any other government of a country I have no ties to) obtaining my information. They simply have no sovereign right to my information.

Stop internet censorship

Stop internet censorship

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