#ModelShoot Japanese in business suit

Models: I need basic portraits of Japanese men and women in regular business suits (dark and light coloured suits are fine).
Make-up artist: Provide a normal but photogenic look (schedule depends on the models availability).

When: any time before 30th November 2015.
Where: Anywhere major city in the Tokai area (like Nagoya, Gifu, Yokkaichi), or Osaka and Kyoto.
Where: Firstly, simple street shoot in places like Sakae, Shin Sakae, Meieki, or Namba and Yodoyabashi (Osaka). I’m sorry, I cannot fly you into Japan for this shoot.
How much: ¥5,000 for two hours (not USD$)
How long: Depends, but possibly additional follow up work may be available. I do like to work with the same people and people I know.
Who: Preferably Japanese ethnicity. I have never demanded this before, but photo buys to specify things like this, and I must guarantee that my images meet their exact requirements (event location details must be accurately reported for most cases). So, if you are not Japanese, I’m sorry; however, I would still like to work with you on other projects.
What: Business suit, young working professional. Most likely it will be a street shoot. This is a low-budget shoot, so please wear your own suit. If requested, I can supply a make-up artist (if one is available on the day of the shoot).
Why: I get requests for photos of professionals in Japan, and this is a gap in my photo library.

Contact me for more details. This was also posted at: http://www.modelmayhem.com/casting/2242272. Please share this page with people who might be interested.

A young caucasian and a Japanese women taking selfies together at a wine bar.

A young caucasian and a Japanese women taking selfies together at a wine bar.

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