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Sakura clothing & phone case #coupon code for this Spring

That’s right. We’re offering 15% off all selected Sakura themed shirts, drawstring bags, and smart phone cases for this spring only.

Travel Japan Series: Sakura Collection 2018

Travel Japan Series: Sakura Collection 2018

Great new shirts for this Spring: #Sakura and #coupon

Recently, we’ve released a great new line of clothing called Travel Japan Series. Today, we’re also celebrating the coming Spring with these new items and a sale. This line is all about the Japanese sakura (aka, cherry blossoms). Cherry blossoms are revered in Japan, and mark a change of year and season. These flowering trees don’t actually produce edible fruit, but only the most delicate and beautiful flowers; albeit, for only one week. Some Springs are warm and sunny, and so every single Japanese person with a picnic blanket goes out and eats, drinks, and relaxes with friends, family, and or colleagues. It is perhaps the one time of year with bosses allows staff to get off early, especially to set up and join the office cherry blossom parties. Learn more about cherry blossoms from previous posts.


  • Discount code: Sakura2018
  • Discount: 10% off entire order
  • Minimum purchase: USD$25
  • Applies to: Entire order (any product)
  • Where: Only at
  • Expires: Soon (TBA)
  • Ships to: Worldwide
  • Limitations: All registered customers and newsletter subscribers are eligible
  • Automatic discount link:

Order now, so they can arrive in time for cherry blossom viewing parties and picnics.


Current discounts

All current discounts only apply to the store.

I’ve taken stock of all the current discounts available on the ABlyth online shop, and here they are:

  • Free sunglasses: use “GimmeGlasses” until 14th Feb (just pay postage).
  • First time customers: use “FirstTime20” for 20% off your entire order. Minimum USD$25 purchase, and one use per customer. Offer ends 28th Feb 2018.
  • Staff discount: For people I’ve worked with (mostly models and makeup artists, see your info booklet for details; expiration 31st Dec 2018, will be renewed).
  • Social Media Discounts: Share photos of your ABlyth branded items on social media with the #ablyth hashtag and @ mention, and get 15% off with your custom discount code.
  • Newsletter subscribers: Get 10% off your order. Information is sent to you when you signup for a newsletter (no expiration).
  • More to come. Watch this space (better still, signup for the newsletter and get the jump on everyone else:
Latest items at

Latest items at

Model & MUA Call Nagoya, Clothing shoot

Who: Models and Makeup artist (Nagoya-based people only)

What: Wanted one or two models (preferably an expat / foreign person) to model a range of t-shirts that are designed for an international market.

When: 26th February 2018, 12.30 to 3pm.

Who: Men and/or women aged 18 to 35 (the target demographic for these t-shirts)

Where: Meieki, Nagoya, Japan

Pay: ¥2,500/hr, 3 hours

Benefits: Models and MUA get a selection of 5 photos to keep for their own self promotion. Get a discount coupon for the online shopping store that is being promoted. Participants may be able to keep some clothing if a social media promotional agreement can be made.

Make-up artist: To prepare and assist models before and during the shoot.

If we don’t have a MUA for this shoot, models, please do your own makeup: simple and natural looking is needed.

Wear: Please bring and wear plain and solid colour jeans or trousers is fine.

FYI, the shoot location is indoors in an atmospheric, very instagram-able location.

More info and updates: Will be added above and below.

Current product sample images:

Update about ABlyth Shop and CNY delivery times

Delivery Delays

This announcement does not affect anyone ordering ABlyth branded products (which are created and shipped from the US and the EU), but non-ABlyth products that are shipped from China. Firstly,

Happy Lunar New Year (or Chinese New Year)

Secondly, due to some products being shipped from China, there will be delays due to the CNY holiday. Please understand that it’s an important holiday, and so there will be delays and a backlog of orders this month. Any orders of products going into Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Macao, and South Korea may also experience delays. FYI,

  • Lunar New Year is: 16th Feb 2018
  • Holiday period: 15th – 21st Feb 2018 or 11th – 21st Feb (depends on country and company)

Enjoy your time with family this CNY.

ABlyth Product Update

New designs have been in development, and I hope to have these out either Friday this week, or Wednesday next week. These are totally cool, and I hope you will like them. Look out for updates on this.

ABlyth brand t-shirt available at

ABlyth brand t-shirt available at

New online store and travel brand clothing and products #ABlyth

We are really excited about this. It’s a rare moment to start a whole new line of fantastic and unique clothing. We’re working on a new line of styles and designs that you will love. The new brand is called “ABlyth” (pronounced “ei-blyth” (y rhymes with “why” & “time”). The ABlyth brand specialises in Japan and travel inspired clothing designs with two main series, the Art Series and the Travel Series. With this launch is the online store at where you can find the new ABlyth products, along with clothing and travel related products from other suppliers. ABlyth products are guaranteed to source materials and labour from non-child-labour companies.

Just for our 2018 launch, we are offering a 20% discount off all products with the discount code: Happy2018  or follow this link to automatically apply the discount  Offer ends 31st Jan 2018, minimum purchase of USD$25 (about ¥2,500 Japanese yen), valid only for ABlyth Originals, all purchases will be converted to Australian dollars.

ABlyth brand clothing and products at

ABlyth brand clothing and products at


Online orders ABlyth original products at take about 2-7 days to process, plus shipping, as shown below. We ship our own original products from two locations, North Carolina in the US, and Latvia in the EU.

Estimated shipping times for ABlyth branded products

Shipping to Basic Expedited
USA 3-8 days 1-3 days
Canada 5-10 days 1-5 days
Australia 5-10 days 1-5 days
International from USA 5-20 days 1-5 days
Within Europe 5-10 days 1-5 days
International from Europe 10-20 days 1-5 days

Check your email for delivery and order details. There may be delays due to public holidays and customs clearance. Final products may appear slightly different to images shown online. Non ABlyth branded items are often delivered from the US or China and take 2-3 days to process, and 15-50 days for delivery; check product descriptions and your emails for details.


ABlyth Art Series Shirt Mockup

ABlyth Art Series Shirt Mockup


Want a 10% discount off your next order? Share photos of you wearing ABlyth branded items on either FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter with the #ABlyth hashtag and shop link, and we’ll send you a unique discount code.

Top Picks for January 2018 at

Top Picks for January 2018 at

Our Photo of the Year 2017

JPA Photo of the Year 2017

JPA Photo of the Year 2017

The JapanesePhotos.Asia Photo of the Year is this with Eri (model & actress), with makeup by Akiko. It’s been a busy year, and I wish I could credit everyone who has helped me. Among the many wonderful people I want to thank Ksara (MUA) especially for her fantastic work, energy, and enthusiasm. May everyone have a wonderful 2018. Also updated on the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

Discount #coupon dropped for this Christmas

From now until Christmas you can get 10% discount on any purchase from my PhotoShelter portfolio. Purchases can include:

  • Immediate downloads
  • Downloads for personal use (for bloggers)
  • Prints (glossy, matte)
  • Fine art prints (high quality printing and paper)
  • Canvas prints (rolled or mounted and framed)
  • Products (cups, mouse pads, key chains)

All products and prints are fulfilled by EZ Prints based in Georgia, USA.


  • Dates: Today to 31st Dec 2017
  • Discount: 10%
  • Where:
  • Code: ART10XMAS2017
  • Minimum purchase: USD$20
  • Limit: None (use as many times as you want, share it as much as you want)
  • How to buy: It’s easy. See Photos for Bloggers.

The collection

This is the Poem of a Cacophonous City. It is a collection of film images that represents the noise and clutter of Nagoya, a major city in central Japan. It is inspired by a friend of mine, a lady who is twice my age, but she really loves poetry, and is so deep into it, it is astounding at her insight into language and the visual poetry I see in my head when I listen to her read or perform her work. Subtitles for each image also connote a particular aspect of cities. Here is the first blogpost on this collection: POTW: Poem of a Cacophonous City.

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