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モデル求人 :: 日本語, and Tiếng Việt.

I’m looking for people who can be models and locations for shoots. Requirements are:

  • Males, females, and couples
  • Young, old, and in between
  • Pretty, handsome, interesting, unique, etc
  • Tall, middle, and short
  • Manicured, average, and weathered
  • Japanese, expatriate, anyone


Small businesses like fresh food stores, clothing stores, offices, homes, doctor surgeries, public parks, beaches, anywhere. I shoot mainly in Nagoya Japan, and I occasionally travel (other countries, too).

What is needed?

  • Portraits smiling, posing with things, looking away from camera, various moods
  • Using phones, reading books, browsing in stores or window shopping
  • Workers or shop assistants doing their jobs
  • Summer, autumn, winter, and spring themes
  • And more

When? Mainly weekends, and some weekdays in spring and summer

Pay? Currently none, but I do provide you with a unique set of photos that you can use for personal use only or self-promotion in personal blogs, personal social networking services (SNS, like Facebook, Google+, Model Mayhem, etc), for sharing with friends, for application portfolios, etc. If your photos do sell (there’s no guarantee they will sell), then I can start asking for your help more, and I could start paying you for your time. I am happy to help small businesses, but only if the benefit is equitable(businesses that employ less than 5 people, and earn less than 10 million yen annually). If the photos I supplied you are requested for commercial use, please have that person or company contact me to purchase a license to use the photos (I own the copyright). Warning, if I find that a professional organisation is using my photos, and they did not pay me for them, they are liable for breach of copyright. That organisation may get into a lot of trouble, and then they may pursue damages and costs from you. Contact me if you have questions.

What do we do? Shoots are typically two hours, usually with the most interesting photos taken in the last half hour. We will first meet at the shoot venue or at a convenient location and chat a little. You sign the model release and we start shooting. I’ll need to first take some test shots to get my camera set up right for the lighting conditions, and then we get into it. There will be changes of poses, themes, and styles through the shoot, which will require new adjustments to the camera set up and more test shots. Just relax and enjoy the experience.

Language? I speak some Japanese, and I do have nice friendly English-Japanese speaking helpers.

Hair & make-up? In most cases, because we are on a low budget I cannot supply a make-up artist (mua), so you will need to do your own. However, there are great videos on YouTube that can help inspire you. Important: please avoid spf make-up (make up that is also a sunblock / sunscreen), as it creates an unnatural shine, especially when we do flash-photography, which is often.

How to pose: There’s no strict method or clear set of rules that I’m aware of. Importantly, just relax and enjoy the experience. You can practise a little in front of the mirror, and take a look at Photo.Net five basic poses, Dear Model by Jen Brook, Digital Photography School, this Flickr Group of Great Modelling Poses, For the Love of Dresses community on Google+, my 500px favourites, and Shine by Three. Finally, “there’s an app for that”, yes, check your smart phone’s app store. The main issue I have though are with facial expressions. A lot of people can do the poker-face-look really well, but I need a little more. I’d like to get some genuine emotions. For instance, for a real smile crows feet should appear in the corners of the eyes; otherwise the ‘airline hostess smile’ looks good, but fake.

Model Release: I’ll ask you to sign a model release. It will allow the images to be used for editorial, advertising posters (TV, print, web, etc), news and media, travel brochures, websites (including professional and amateur blogs), calendars, product packaging, book or album covers, anything legal. Can there be usage restrictions? Perhaps geographical restrictions are possible, but not guaranteed. My photos are mainly used in North America, Europe, and Australia.

Want to be a pro model? Here’s a nice interview (in English) on Japan Today with an expat female model working professionally in Tokyo that might be of interest to you. Behind the scenes: This video shows the problems that are typical, problems with equipment, timing of shots and action, which means the model has to repeat the same thing, again and again: video from Digital Rev.

Examples? See below.

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