Nagoya Dance Festival video

I needed to mind my daughter today, the first day of the Nagoya Dance festival, known in Japanese as ‘Domatsuri’. The Nagoya Domatsuri is becoming the premier event of this type in Japan, even though the event was inspired by the Hokkaido Dance Festival, and is only a little more than 10 years old.

Since I couldn’t do any shooting, I took my little Sony Bloggie (professional grade bloggers video camera [insert sarcastic facial expression]), and recorded some performances. With a three year old leaning on me, and crowds getting in the way, this is the best vid’. I hope you get an idea of the high energy that performers put in. Annually, more than 23,000 performers take part from 3 years of age up to perhaps 80 or so. There are local town teams, university teams, and corporate sponsored teams. TV audiences are almost 2 million. It’s a big event.

I’ll be properly photographing this tomorrow (Sunday) when I can bring in my gear.

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