Nagoya Domatsuri 2010

It’s taken a while, but they’re finally done being processed. Domatsuri images are available at both my Asia Photo Connection portfolio and my PhotoShelter account.

In case you’re wondering. The Nagoya Dance Festival (or ‘domatsuri’) is an annual event held in summer. It’s based on the Hokkaido version of the traditional Japanese dance and town festival. Hokkaido was first occupied by the Japanese a little over one hundred years ago, mostly by Japanese who were running from the law, had debts that couldn’t be repaid and so forth. The Sapporo (main city in Hokkaido) dance festival is an ecclectic mix of different dance styles, and because of its proximity it also has Chinese and kung-fu influences, too. Some university from Nagoya entered the Sapporo dance festival and imported it to Nagoya the following year. Soon after the City of Nagoya took it over and the Nagoya Dance Festival became bigger and well established.

Today, it retains it’s Sino-kung fu-Hokkaido-traditional Japanese dance styles, and attracts dance teams from all over Japan, including university teams, local townships, community groups, company sponsored teams, and this year the highly popular and local teen-music group SKE-48 (I briefly saw them at the end and couldn’t get any shots… dammit!). Over 200 teams a year enter, with an enrolment of over 23,000 participants. It attracts a TV viewing audience of nearly two million viewers.

My images are at my Asia Photo Connection and my PhotoShelter portfolios; ready for immediate purchase.

Nagoya Domatsuri – Images by Andrew Blyth

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