Microstock dying? Hope so

First a confession, I did go with iStock back when I was young(er) and naive. Then I quickly realised, “how do I afford a new camera?”. I am earning money from my Rights Managed sales, so getting out of microstock has been worth it. However, on one account, I’m still waiting for my account to get to the minimum threshold before I can get a payout and remove my images. In any case, here’s the latest news which appears nicely summarised from Jeremy Nicholl: http://www.jeremynicholl.com/blog/2010/09/13/istockphotos-unsustainable-business-model-from-crowd-sourcing-to-crowd-shafting-2/

As for me, I’m earning money from the regular photography business model, but not quite enough to upgrade my gear (hurry iStock… die!). So, I’ve been offering free image gallery access as a trade for clients sending gear: http://japanesephotos.asia/blog/purchasing-images/free-stock-images/

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