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Map wielding tourist, and Dell Hell

Well, I went to Korea, arrived, survived, and got myself back home. As with all trips I take, I ALWAYS, always, forget something. This time it was my business cards. Not a problem thankfully. It was my second time in Seoul, the first time was ten years ago, and this time was… just then.

The city looks smarter, the quality of English generally seemed far better (or perhaps my ability to wield my English in a more comprehensible way). The underground (or subway) seems a lot better and easier to navigate (or perhaps my map reading abilities has improved), and it seems a much more pleasant a trip. However, I’ve realised how my abilities and knowledge in Korean have evaporated, and have at times relied on my and their Japanese; amazing.

So, I got some great shots, but nothing to show. Now, for the Dell hell story. My main laptop, a Dell, has been going great for the four years I’ve had it. My old, old Compaq computer has been going great for the nine years I’ve had it. But the newer Dell… well… the backlight has gone out, and so the screen is nothing but a blank. I can’t process any of the images until I get the monitor fixed. Grrr… and then I need to recalibrate the monitor, too.