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Hakuho gets A record

Mongolian sumo wrestler, Hakuho, of the Japan Sumo Association loses his winning streak on the second day of the Kyushu Tournament. He was on a winning streak at 63 wins, with just 6 more to equal the all-time record of 300 years of sumo set by the legendary Futabayama at 69 wins in 1939. Hakuho faced lower ranked Kisenosato who often loses to Hakuho. Today, Hakuho was literally put onto the back foot and was eventually pushed out of the ring by Kisenosato rolling into the crowd. Whilst Hakuho did not achieve the record, he did get a record: the second longest winning streak in all of sumo history.

My Hakuho Sumo Gallery on PhotoShelter.

Sumo: Hakuho – Images by Andrew Blyth

Korean Royal Palace and Insadong

I’ve had problems with my computer, but all is well now. So, I’ve finally been able to start to process the backlog, including my pictures of Seoul in South Korea (the friendly side). I’ve processed batch one (I call Day 1), which includes Gyeongbokgung or Gyeongbok Palace where the Korean royal family resided. Also some images of Insadong, which is the artisan and tourist souvenir hunting quarter of Seoul. It is a mecca for for Korean art and artists, and a magnet for Korean art buyers. However, the shops or products they sold, that I remember 10 years ago, seemed to have been replaced with products more palatable to foreign tastes. Though, the pure Korean art surely survives somewhere there.

So that was Day 1, there’s more to come, look out for those. Day 1 is divided between Asia Photo Connection and my PhotoShelter account.