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Homepage slideshow

Just a quick message. For a while I’m trying out using a slideshow on the homepage instead of a static picture. The slideshow allows you to get a preview of some key updates to my PhotoShelter account.

Slideshows look great, but don’t pop up instantly. Slideshows are more interesting, but Apple doesn’t like them on their toys. So I’m seeing how it goes. See it at


Shirakawa is a small village in the Japan Alps, and is protected as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I arrived with two friends to find the place in constant snow, and it got heavier by dusk. It’s an amazing place to experience. I spent several winters wondering how to get there, as most Japanese people seemed to believe that it was snowed in for the entire winter. In contrast, the village organises a series of light ups for tourists to come in and view the village. The day I was there, the day time high was two degrees Celsius (a shade above freezing), to minus six below freezing.

Shirakawa, Japan – Images by Andrew Blyth