Summer events in central Japan

There’s a lot coming up in the coming hot & humid months.

  1. Nagoya Sumo Tournament, 10th to 24th July.
  2. Local town summer festivals begin (‘matsuri’).
  3. Fireworks season begins (‘hanami’).
  4. Yoyama Festival in Kyoto, 15th & 16th July.
  5. Kuwana City Stone-bringing Festival (Kuwana Ishidoria, the loudest festival in Japan), 3rd & 4th Aug.
  6. Word Cosplay competition, 3rd & 4th Aug.
  7. Nagoya Dance Festival (Nagoya Domatsuri), 26th to 28th Aug.

I’m quite busy and so I need to prioritise my schedule. Consequently, there’s no guarantee that I can go to these unless my services are pre-arranged.

Summer in Japan – Images by Andrew Blyth

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