Save on your next photo purchases

If you want to save $1000 off your next purchase, here’s a FANTASTIC opportunity. I offer a “Free images for goods trade”, where you obtain something I need (legally) from a list, and you get access to my photos for free (with generous limitations). That offer still stands, but your chance to save is here. Sony has released the next generation pro-level camera, so the previous generation should get cheaper. Currently on eBay there are Sony A850 cameras selling for $1,600, which is $1,000 less than the new sticker price. I will credit you for $2,600 for your next photo purchase if you can get me a Sony A850. Because I’m also hired for an event on the 18th September, if you can get it to me before the 16th Sept I can credit you for $3,000! I am absolutely serious. Please see the Free Stock Photos page for more information.

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