Typhoon Roke

This is the latest typhoon on the list, and is expected to cause more damage than the previous one to hit mainland Japan: Talas. However, since many people were displaced by Typhoon Talas, there probably won’t be many more to be displaced in Roke.

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NHK reported on the TV news just before 10pm that because of the rain from Typhoon Roke, the natural dams made by landslides from Typhoon Talas earlier this month, may burst as early as tonight. The affected areas in Wakayma and southern Mie prefectures were predicted to have up to 200 to 300mm of rain, but it was predicted that only 30mm (a little more than an inch) of rain is needed for some of them to overflow. Villages downstream should have already been evacuated and remain evacuated since Typhoon Talas. Since Talas all attempts to prevent the homes from being washed away, however, they will surely be lost tonight. The typhoon storm zone isn’t even over the Japan mainland yet, just the rain ahead of the typhoon is causing this damage.


Disasters – Images by Andrew Blyth

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