JASDF Grounds its F15 jets

It was announced tonight that the Japan Air Self Defence Force (JASDF) has grounded its fleet of 202 F-15 Eagle fighter jets. This follows an incident today where the external tank under the port wing of one appeared to have disintegrated or exploded and fell near Nomi City as the jet was approaching the Komatsu City air base for landing. The NHK report also says that even though the jets are grounded, they will still be on stand by ready to respond to any airspace incursions. This comes at a time when the Chinese military is attempting to extend its reach into Asia and make maritime claims including Okinawa’s Sengoku Islands, and the Spratley Islands of Vietnman, Malaysia, Philippines, and Taiwan. The incident with the F15 today, follows several other incidents where parts have fallen from the planes mid-flight.


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