POTW 14th Nov 2011: Winter (again)

This Photo of the Week is especially for the editors who are preparing months in advance, I hope this one doesn’t come too late. This is the annual Naked Man Festival, which is held in the depth of winter, usually in early March. Yes, it can be snowing, raining, icy, you name it, and this event is still held. Here is an extract of some information I wrote earlier:

It began over 1,200 years ago, in the year 767, when Nara was the capital of Japan. At that time, there were plagues affecting the Japanese people, so Emperor Shotoku ordered special prayers to be said nation wide. The governor of Owari Province (now Aichi Prefecture) asked the shrine at Kounomiya to do something about this, and to remove the bad luck. So, the Naked Man Festival, held in the coldest time in winter

More photos of this event can be found at my agent’s, Henry Westheim, site Asian Photo Connection and at my PhotoShelter portfolio.


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