Nagoya Motor Show collection

Below is a selection images taken at the 17th annual Nagoya Motor Show. It was interesting to see the European and American makers were in one building, and the Japanese were in the other. There were no Korean makers present, and the Americans were represented by Ford, Chevrolet, and Teslar, though they were in with the Europeans, their exhibits were mainly fillers, making the viewers have to walk past to see the next European display. The European makers were displaying what they already have available in Japan with an eye to make sales, rather than showing new stuff. Maserati and the Mercedes SLS AMG got a lot of keen attention, but the most serious attention went to Audi and Jaguar (and perhaps BMW, I didn’t notice them).

Of the Japanese contingent, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, and Subaru were keen to show their new concepts that caught the interest of the crowds. Especially, Honda which was near the entrance that got the crowds as they first walked in, but Nissan got the crowd staying and waiting to see more of the Pivo3 (pictured in the slideshow below). The model who drove the Pivo3 in figure of 8’s in the small space had a look of novel enjoyment on her face as she drove and demonstrated an elegant, lady-like way of entering and exiting the Pivo3. I suppose she knew that she could see herself on YouTube that night, if she hadn’t done so the night before. The Nissan ES Flow was drooled over, whilst the current Nissan models, especially the Leaf were keenly sat in and caressed. Suzuki wowed the crowd with the Regina, which has more than a passing resemblance to an angry cartoon character (pictured in the slideshow below). The model introducing the Suzuki display appeared to be on remote control. She said a few lines, paused, and when a bell rang she then announced the next few lines. I didn’t see the audio book she was reading from, so she was either hypnotised or a convincing human-like robot (also pictured below).

The Toyota corner was pretty easy to walk around as the crowds came, saw, and then returned to the Suzuki and Nissan displays. Nagoya is the hometown of Toyota, and to see Toyota show only cars that are already available for sale, is disappointing. The new Lexus looks like the designers took inspiration from both Audi and BMW, whilst the new Toyota 86 sports coupe looks like it was designed by someone who owns or loves Aston Martins. Subaru was also thick with crowds, but because of the crowds and my low interest, I didn’t bother rubbing shoulders with everyone there. Daihatsu was devoid of people, and their non-operating concept vehicles caught no imaginations at all. Furthermore, their concept vehicles looks like they are two generations behind Nissan and Suzuki.

Nagoya Motor Show – Images by Andrew Blyth

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