My Stop SOPA blackout contribution

I, and many other people all around the world rely on a free and open internet. Intimidation on the internet can only hurt the legitimate business environment on the internet. I need my agents, advertising outlets, and portfolio hosts to remain open, independent, and unintimidated. So I had to oppose the American SOPA and PIPA legislation. There does need to be an effective anti-piracy legislation in all countries, but not one that is arbitrary, skewed to favour American oligarchs and their economic interests, and not one that re-creates a Communist-style censorship of the internet.

So for about 36 hours, spanning from just before the designated blackout day the 18th January to just after, this website was blacked out in protest of the SOPA and PIPA bills that were to be put forward to US politicians. If you clicked on the picture on the homepage, you would have been taken to that has a summary of SOPA & PIPA and the reasons for the opposition.

JapanesePhotos.Asia homepage Stop SOPA

JapanesePhotos.Asia homepage Stop SOPA

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