Cherry blossoms :: sakura

Thanks to +John Asano reminding me that it’s almost Cherry Blossom (sakura) season, which is usually the end of March early April and goes for about a week. In Japan friends, social groups, companies, and families all stake out a place under an arboretum of cherry blossoms and have barbeques and pretend it’s not uncomfortably cool. These barbeques / parties are known in Japanese as ‘hanami’, or ‘flower looking’. Because of the 11th March earthquake last year, most people thought it bad taste to have a party only a month after the disaster, so there were very few hanami parties in 2011, and so I bet they’ll make up for it this year. See more Japanese pictures at my PhotoShelter portfolio.

This year, I made up a gallery of pictures that have “sakura” as a keyword. I’ll admit that I was in that stage where I was repulsed from taking hanami party pictures, until last year when I couldn’t. So this year I’ll add more to the collection.

Cherry blossoms / Sakura – Images by Andrew Blyth

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