Sumo Today Day 14

The second last day of the tournament.

So far:

  • Sekiwake (3rd highest rank-division) wrestler, Kakuryu leads with one loss, and could be the first Japanese Sekiwake-ranked wrestler to win a tournament, and the first Japanese person to win a tournament in at least four or more years.
  • Top-ranked favourite Hakuho is in trouble, with two losses.


  • Homasho defeats Georgian Gagamaru by head-butt, side-step, and pull down.
  • 37yo veteran Kyokutenho defeats Tochiozan by pull down
  • Aminishiki defeats Wakakoru by push out
  • In an exciting battle that looked like it could go either way, Kisenosato (aka Blinky) eventually defeats Estonian Baruto who was thrust into the crowd. Baruto now has to re-start his quest to become a top-ranked Yokuzuna.
  • Aran works hard to eventually defeats Kotoshogiku by belt-lift, belly-to-belly, and push out
  • Japanese Kakuryu struggles but eventually narrowly defeats the out-of-form Bulgarian Koto Ooshu, bringing Kakuryu one step closer to winning the tournament.
  • Hakuho defeats Harumafuji

The final day tomorrow:

  • Kakuryu has 13wins-1loss
  • Hakuho has 12wins-2losses
  • Kakuryu needs Hakuho to lose to avoid a play-off and to win by regulation.
  • It will be an exciting day tomorrow

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