Sumo today Day 15 (final day)

On the final day of the Osaka Spring Tournament we enter this day with these stunning facts:

  • Mongolian Sekiwake-ranked Kakuryu has 13wins-1loss
  • Fellow Mongolian Hakuho has 12wins-2losses
  • Kakuryu needs Hakuho to lose to avoid a play-off and to win by regulation.
  • If Kakuryu wins, he will be the first Sekiwake to win the tournament, and be promoted to the second highest rank Ozeki since 1999.

* Sekiwake is a low rank, Yokuzunas are the highest and most expert ranked wrestlers.


  • Homasho charges against and defeats the thrusting Miyabiyama.
  • Toyonoshima defeats Kitataiki by going belly to belly, and wins a pile of cash and also wins his fourth technique prize, which also includes a pile of cash.
  • Tochinoshin defeats Fujiazuma the dirty way by jumping high and pushing his forearms down on Fujiazuma’s back forcing his to the floor.
  • Wakakoryu defeats Tochiozan by locking up his arms in a sumo cuddle and forces him out.
  • Gagamaru defeats Tokyotenho by big-dude barge out
  • Aminishiki narrowly defeats Aran, as both fall out of the ring. Video replay might have offered a different outcome.
  • Goeido defeats Kakuryu in a sharp and fast start, causing a huge upset. Kakuryu is now at two losses, matching Hakuho, causing a play-off. Goeido worked hard for his home crowd, and spoilt the tournament for Kakuryu fans. Everybody’s now on edge.
  • Kotoshogiku slides Kisenosato out of the ring for a cringe-making-fall of the side of the ring. Good sumo from Kotoshogiku.
  • Harumafuji swings / rolls Koto Ooshu out of the ring. Very spectacular. Everyone in Bulgaria must have cringed and closed their eyes.
  • Hakuho struggles against the Estonian Baruto and almost loses.

Play-off: Hakuho vs. Kakuryu

I had to turn Twitter off in the lead up as hash-tag #sumo was overwhelming my computer! Wow! Twitter was going wild!

Kakuryu wasn’t mentally prepared enough with his eyes, for the first time, too close on the prize. Exciting. Hakuho forced Kakuryu to the edge of the ring, kakuryu came so close with his feel on the hay bales, and heels so close to the dirt, Kakuryu was able to lever forward a little, rescued himself, just to be rolled over any way. He will be promoted to Ozeki any way. The whole situation reminds me of the wonderful potential of Harumafuji. Well done to Hakuho, and to Kakuryu for his first attempt at the Emperors Cup.

File image of Hakuho, Nagoya, July 2011

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