Watching the sumo on the internet

Yes, it is possible to watch the sumo on the internet. Currently, I have a link for the Japanese-only in-stadium live footage. The national broadcaster do have English speaking commentators, but I don’t think that footage feed is available on the internet. If you do find it, I would really like to share it with other blog readers.

To watch online, click this link, and your video player should start the live streaming (usually Windows Media Player):

Tournaments are held in the middle 15 days of the month, starting on the second Sunday of the month. Tournaments are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Coverage starts at about 11am, but it’s only worth watching from about 4pm until 6pm Tokyo time (7-9am GMT).

Watching the sumo live on the internet.

Watching the sumo live on the internet.

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