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POTW 30 Apr 2012: Fujifilm Velvia100

This Photo of the Week is inspired by Fujifilm Velvia 100. Fujifilm has announced price rises for the month of May, which is tragic news. And to share the love of film, here’s an image from the Naked Man Festival, taken on Fujifilm Velvia100. See the blog for details on Fujifilm and the Naked Man Festival.

Tragic news

I received this very tragic and disturbing news today, Fujifilm has announced a price hike on their film, including my favourite, the beautiful Velvia 100 colour slide film! However, they are quick to point out that a price hike is better than cutting the line of films. Thanks to Alberto on G+ for sharing this news.

Below: Dancers performing in Osu Kanon to a mainly male audience. Photo taken on Fujifilm Velvia 100.

POTW Kyoto

This Photo of the Week is from the infamous Gion Kyoto. It is a huge tourist attraction, drawing in tens of millions of Japanese and foreign tourists annually. The highlight has been Kinkakuji or “Golden Pavilion”. However, I decided to show something that you can imagine yourself in… Gion and a rickshaw. You and your boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife / family / buddies can rent a kimono (each) and stroll around Kyoto as though you were a Gion resident a hundred years ago, take a rickshaw ride to see a blossoming plum tree, go to a restaurant or tea house, before returning to the kimono rental store, before having a night out on the town. See more Kyoto photos on my PhotoShelter portfolio.

Internet censorship… again!

There was an interesting interview regarding the latest attempt to censor the internet with newly proposed legislation called CISPA, here on YouTube. The main argument against it is that it is an internet version of wire-tapping and snooping. For telephones, police need to argue for and have credible evidence to obtain warrants from courts and judges, but CISPA attempts to circumvent this. A spokes woman from the Centre of Democracy and Technology in Washington says that “…it creates a real civil liberties problem”. Furthermore, she states that there are already law enforcement tools that the various police forces are currently using to regulate the internet, and these don’t infringe on civil liberties.

The problem with CISPA, like PIPA and SOPA, is that these are blanket bills, these attempt not to regulate only Americans in America, but anyone who uses internet services that have connections to the US. Potentially, a crackdown on freedom of speech on the internet can impact beyond the US jurisdiction and infringe on the sovereignties of other countries. However, I’m not American, I have never been there, but I don’t want that government (or any other government of a country I have no ties to) obtaining my information. They simply have no sovereign right to my information.

Stop internet censorship

Stop internet censorship

Delay in shipping some prints

I’ve just received an email alerting me that because of the Easter Holiday, one of the vendors (Adorama Pix) that receives some of my print orders on my PhotoShelter account will be closed from the 5th to the 14th April. Any order that they receive in this time is kept and will be processed as soon as they can after the holidays. I assume there would be a backlog, so if it’s urgent contact me so I can check to see if your order may be delayed, and I could organise for alternative options to be set up in the automated ordering system for you.

I apologise for the inconvenience, and also wish I had advance notice of this interruption.

Storm warning in Japan

I was really surprised, perhaps along with about 100 million other residents in Japan, to hear the opening news story at 7pm that a typhoon-like storm is threatening Japan tomorrow (3rd April). That kind of storm that the Japan Meteorological Agency is worried about is reserved only for summer and for actual typhoons; but it’s the end of winter and early spring? We were told that there would be unpredictable consequences and possible erratic weather as a result of unbalancing the climate. I’d like to hear what logic climate skeptics might attempt to use to explain this!

The current storm warning in Japan as at 22.54, 02 April 2012

The current storm warning in Japan as at 22.54, 02 April 2012

Left, the storm warning map showing current warnings several hours ahead of the expected storm. Below, boats moored in a marina behind storm surge walls for Typhoon Talas in 2011.

Edit: Updated map, 3rd April, 2012, from the Japan Meteorological Agency website, at 6pm. For related news see the Bloomberg website, and the NHK website.

Storm warnings in Japan as at 3April 2012 15.50

Storm warnings in Japan as at 3April 2012 15.50

POTW 2 April: Jazz Improv, portraits of a tog

This Photo of the Week is from the new art collection called “Jazz Improv, portraits of a tog”. Each image has a unique subtitle denoting something about the image. All photos were shot of film (Kodak Ekta100), and appear on the negatives as you see them displayed in the gallery (here Jazz Improv).

In a sense, I love and hate street photography. I love the variety and diversity of people’s existence, and being able to see things. At the same time it can feel creepy and voyeuristic, despite being public; and so these themes are explored. All images are available for electronic download or as high quality art products shipped worldwide.

Jazz Improv, portraits of a tog: Dude & his buddy.