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Tokoname Ironman

On the weekend just gone, I did official photography for the Tokoname 70.3 Ironman. This is the real official Ironman event, albeit the half course. It’s still quite grueling. There were people collapsing after the finish line, people’s bodies falling apart just before the finish line, and not to mention the many who bowed out during the race. It’s brilliant event; I love it. On twitter I tweeted,

“It’s a celebration of can-do people and the can-do attitude”

It’s really admirable seeing people of all shapes and sizes, and men and women as old as 70 and 80. It’s great to hear the announcement that an 80 year old has just come in first in his age category. It really moves you to think that people can swim a few kilometers, cycle 90, and run about another 20km (70.3 miles in total).

Congratulations to Chris McCormack who was the overall winner, and to all other winners for their categories. A special thanks to Lixil and all the sponsors who help make this brilliant event possible, and to the great crew of photographers I had the pleasure to work with on the day.

The photography crew and I at the end of the day at the Tokoname 70.3 Ironman 2012

The photography crew and I at the end of the day at the Tokoname 70.3 Ironman 2012

Typhoon Guchol

Typhoon Guchol, the fourth typhoon of the season is bearing down on Japan. It’s unusual that Japan gets a typhoon this time of year, but this is the second one! It’s not a strong one at the moment, but they are saying that it is… or will be?

Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) typhoon info: And official ‘warnings’ (JMA uses fairly muted language and so ‘Advisory’ means some danger, and ‘Warning’ means high danger). I’ll also be tweeting my survival stories all day… if something interesting happens.

Ai Tsukamoto Jazz dancer

I’ve been very fortunate to work with Ai Tsukamoto, one of Japan’s leading jazz dancers, on this little project. She has won many competitions, she has also toured in North America, Europe, and Asia. Despite the drizzly rainy day it was, spirits were high, and so were the ballet leaps. She is as gifted at jazz dance as she is in ballet, and to top that she is a natural born model. I’m sure every photographer should be envious, as I had such a great model to work with. Also thanks to Mariko and Atsuko for your help in the behind the scenes work. I’m still working with Ai on some follow ups to this, so there will be web links to her online portfolios coming soon (watch this space).

My gallery of Ai Tsukamoto.

One of Japan's top jazz dancers Ai Tsukamoto

One of Japan's top jazz dancers Ai Tsukamoto

POTW 18 Jun 2012 Marathon

This Photo of the Week comes ahead of this weekends Tokoname Ironman event held near Nagoya airport, which is also an official Olympic qualifier event. This image is of Russian marathon runner (not a triathlete) Albina Mayorova who ran in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon earlier this year, which was also an Olympic qualifier. I’ll be attending the Tokoname Ironman, which for me is the same sort of photography as this below. Great events, inspiring to see feats of human endurance, perseverance and achievement. Best of luck to all who are competing seriously and to all entrants.

Albina Mayorova of Russia in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, 11th March 2012.

Tokoname Ironman

I have been soooo busy that I thought I should share something. In a few weeks I’ll be photographing at the Tokoname Ironman event, yes, the official Ironman event, the very same one that counts as an Olympic qualifier. Usually, this event is held in September, but that’s too late for the Olympics. Sorry, I can’t do photos of the event, as I’m already supplying to someone else on that day.

Below is another Olympic qualifier, the Nagoya Women’s Marathon that was held in winter earlier this year.

South Africa’s Rene Kalmer (in red) led the field for the first half of the race. Japan’s Yoshimi Ozaki (number 13) came second in the Nagoya Women’s Marathon, qualifying her for the London 2012 Olympics. Yukiko Akaba (#14), Misaki Katsumata (#24), and Yoko Miyauchi (#25) also pictured.