Sumo Day 8

Another summary of the top bouts of the Nagoya summer tournament.

Kitataiki* attempts to throw 194 centimetre Makikai out of the ring, but Makikai switches precarious situation into an arm bar throwing ‘Taiki out of the ring.

Toshinowaka is pushed from the rear (again) out of the ring by Wakayama

Masanoyama belly-wobbles Takanofuji out of the ring.

Tamawashi flails against Miyabiyama, who slappled Tamawashi about, until Tamawashi is slapped out of the ring.

Yoshikaze dodges Sarumafuji on lift off, and the bout was over within 0.9secconds of start. The crowd was not moved.

Chiyotai is given a wedgie and lifted out of the ring by Kaisei (despite his sore back).

Toyobiki* is near defeat as Homasho struggles to wrestle him near the edge of the ring, but Toyobiki leans a little and twists Homasho out.

Tokitenku and Aran take the opportunity to hug in the middle for some time in the ring (42 secs), but Tokitenku lifts and nudges Aran out.

Huge heavy weight Georgian Gagamaru drives his head into fellow Georgian Tochinoshin’s chest and drives him backwards into the crowd.

Takekaze does the dishonerable by dodging and slapping down his opponent at the start of the bout. Another case where the crowd is not pleased.

Winless Takayasu is driven to the edge and out by Shohozan.

Takitenho flails hard but falls on his face in front of his opponent.

After some mind games ahead of the bout, stare-downs, and false start, Kisenosato and Wakakoryu struggle against each other, but Kisenosato cooly pushes out Wakakoryu.

Ozeki and Bulgarian Koto-oshu with broken foot loses to much lower ranked wrestler who scored his first win this tournament.

Harumafuji is airborne as Toyonoshima is pushed out of the ring. The ring is a little slippery with salt and drying clay.

Baruto, who was doing well, is pushed out by an eager lower-ranked opponent Ryogyuryu*

Tochiozan comes so close to winning against top-ranked Hakuho, as both wrestlers pull the same move almost simultaneously, and fall at nearly the same time.

Hakuho, Harumafuji remain undefeated, with four wrestlers with one loss.

*Spelling uncertain

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