POTW 5 Nov 2012: New Religion

This Photo of the Week is from the New Religion collection, specifically New Religion: Retail Fulfilment. It, and some others from the same collection are on display this week at the 27th Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE27) at the Nagoya International Centre, from 6-11th Nov 2012, open from 10am to 7pm Tue – Sat, and 10am to 5pm Sunday, free entry, 4th floor of the Nagoya International Building.

The FAE27 New Religion display includes 6 photos and great haiku by local haiku poet Leah Ann Sullivan. She has written a selection of haiku on the theme of consumerism, shopping, religion, which are also the themes of New Religion. Both the haiku and the photographs complement each other wonderfully, and are intentionally candy for the thinking-connoisseur. The photos are available for purchase (without frame) or for gallery quality printing and shipping.

Interestingly, last year, I conceived of and presented at the FAE26 Poem of a Cacophonous City. It was the first time I’d seen double-exposure film photography for so, so many years that I honestly can’t remember the last double-exposure photo before I first saw before my own works were processed. Then I showed my Poem of a Cacophonous City on the internet, followed by Jazz Improv, and then I have started to see double-exposure photography done elsewhere by other people in the last few months. Then last week I saw someone’s double-exposure photos on display at a photography store here in Nagoya. And then this recent video by Digital Rev TV. Now, I take it as a compliment that it seems I’ve started a trend. I already am planning a new collection to follow up on this hat trick. In the mean time, enjoy New Religion (no pun intended).

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