PhotoShelter Downtime


PhotoShelter is the host of about half of my portfolio (Asia Photo Connection is my agent and shows the other half of my photo library). The planned system upgrade, and site downtime, was originally scheduled for last week, but Hurricane Sandy had that postponed.


The upgrade and site downtime will now be:

START: 11:00 PM EST 9-NOV-2012
END: 05:00 AM EST 10-NOV-2012
(US Eastern Standard Time – GMT-05:00)

Duration: 6 hours

(Info from PhotoShelter email, 8th Nov 2012)

Which translates to:

Start: 9th Nov 11pm New York time = 10th Nov 1pm Tokyo time = 10th Nov 4am GMT

Finish: 10th Nov 5am New York time = 10th Nov 7pm Tokyo time = 10th Nov 10am GMT

(info from:

Services Affected:

  • Many pictures shown on this site
  • links and portfolio
  • All art images (including images currently on display at the Foreign Artists Exhibition)
  • Print, product, and download services
  • Galleries displayed here
  • And perhaps more services

What to do

Just come back later if the PhotoShelter services are not currently working. I apologise for the inconvenience.

Announcement of website maintenance

Announcement of website maintenance

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