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Chase Jarvis, a famous photographer in the social networking sites, reported that Apple has removed the 500px application from it’s iTunes Store because the app allows nude art to be found. In fact, the precise words were “nude photos”, not pornographic, but nudity was apparently the problem. What is the problem? Well, of course in some cultures viewing nude photos can result in quite adverse repercussions. However, a computer company has taken it upon itself to decide what is art and what isn’t, and so an entire business (the 500px website) and artistic community lost its access to Apple users. Even if the 500px application was only available in the US, why should this be removed? Should art like Michelangelo’s David be removed from public viewing? Should Botticelli’s Birth of Venus be removed, too? Why am I upset? I guess because there’s too many cat photos being shared on social networking sites, and too many flower photos shown off by beginning photographers (though I’m guilty of that, too). I’d much rather preserve and protect variety, rather than support the narrowing of acceptability.

Screenshot of the JapanesePhotos.Asia profile on the website.

Screenshot of the JapanesePhotos.Asia profile on the website.

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  1. Andrew says:

    And in follow up, here’s a photographic festival in Sydney Australia that has been accused of inappropriate censorship:

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