POTW 4 Feb 2013: Naked Man Festival

On Saturday the 16th February will be the Naked Man Festival to be held at Kounomiya, near Nagoya on the Meitetsu train line. It’s a major cultural event that attracts often a very willing and volunteer group of about 13,000 men (of various sizes and ages), and about 130,000 on-lookers (women of all ages, and a lot of guys, too). I’m sure because the event coincides with a weekend day this year, the crowds will swell… no pun intended. I will be icy cold after all. I’ve blogged about this event recently, providing a lot of info to help photo editors, so see here for that well-detailed info on the Naked Man Festival.

See the Naked Man Festival gallery on my PhotoShelter porfolio for more photos like this, or my agent’s website.

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