Japanese companies share prices fall

Recently, both Nissan (BBC, Japan Today) and Sony (BBC, Japan Today) saw their share prices fall as a result of weak demand for their products. Sony has not produced any or enough innovative or game-changing products in the last few years, and has become an industry follower, rather than a leader as it had been in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Furthermore, I’ve had problems with Sony products that have made me an unhappy camper, so I’m sure Sony is struggling with not so much innovation problems, but customer satisfaction issues. Nissan, on the other hand, is perhaps affected by the weaker US auto-economy, but Japan Today claims that tensions between China and Japan has led to a drop in Chinese desire for Nissan cars. Japan Today claims a 5.3% drop in sales has led to a 35% drop in profits. For images of Nissan see my agent’s website, and my portfolio. Sorry, I don’t have any suitable Sony images available, yet.

Update (14th Feb 2013): BBC report on the Japanese economy shrinking further.

Nissan at the biannual Nagoya Motor Show, 2011.

Nissan at the biannual Nagoya Motor Show, 2011.

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