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Jazz Dance

I had the privilege to work with two of the best jazz dancers in Japan for this little project. These girls are professional dancers, choreographers, and instructors, so they know what they’re doing, perhaps better than I. Jazz dancers often also train in contemporary ballet, so presented here is a mix of jazz dance, ballet, yoga, portraits, ‘city ballet’, and a whole lot of fun. Some of these images are available via my agent at Asia Photo Connection (Henry Westheim), whilst others are available at my own portfolio.

Jazz Dance – Images by Andrew Blyth

Everybody’s got an app

Everybody’s got an app; so naturally WordPress, my blog software designer has got round to making one. That is to say, this post is what ├╝ber geeks call a “Hello world” event, I’ve now got the app and my watermelon thumbs are punching these letters into the interweb.

In other news, another one of my photos, Look, hit ‘Popular’ status on 500px, and as at time of blogging, has amassed a very generous score of over 90%. Thanks to all on 500px for your votes and kind comments, and thanks for your own great contributions, too.

20130518-041031 PM.jpg

POTW 12 May 2013 The Sumo Tokyo Summer Tournament

Sunday was the first day of sumo’s Tokyo Summer Tournament. There are thirteen more days of the tournament, which runs from Sunday to the third Sunday. The top wrestlers to watch out are the top ranked Hakuho and Harumafuji, both are Mongolians and are portrayed as rivals. But then, Japan has a fascination of describing pairs of people who are not obviously friends as ‘rivals’. If you didn’t know, you can watch the sumo live on the internet, see that link for info. In any case, here is one of my favourite sumo photos for this Photo of the Week (POTW). You can find this, and other sumo photos in the sumo gallery.

Spam attacks

In the last few weeks there have been attacks against Word Press and Word Press blogs (BBC), like this. At the same time, a huge number of spam user accounts have been made here, so I’ve temporarily disallowed user sign ups. I’ll re-allow sign ups as soon as I see notices of the attacks ending, and appropriate software updates are issued.

Announcement of website maintenance

Announcement of website maintenance