POTW, 1st July: Sumo Summer

In the middle two weeks of this month is the Nagoya Grand Sumo Summer Tournament (or something of that approximation of words). Anyway, it’s in Nagoya, it’s sumo, it’s summer, it’s a tournament, and it’s grand. This Photo of the Week is from a past Nagoya sumo tournament. Currently, all the sumo stables are here in Nagoya and surrounds staying at temples, shrines, and other places, and doing their practice sessions early in the morning at training rings that are also at shrines, temples, and even public schools.

For more sumo photos, including training sessions and real bouts, see my PhotoShelter portfolio.

Also, today marks the official start of the Mt Fuji climbing season. The climb up the mountain is usually crammed with about 10,000 people scrambling, usually at night for the sunrise view, but in bumper to bumper conditions. Now Mt Fuji is to be World Heritage listed, it’s bound to be insane.

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