POTW 5 Aug 2012: World Cosplay Summit

This Photo of the Week comes from the World Cosplay Summit. It was on on the weekend just gone. This year I was unfortunately busy with other things, and so I couldn’t go myself. Today I learnt on Twitter that the Italian team had won the competition, well done to them. Though this is a past photo, and I may have already shown this as a POTW before, it is my absolute favourite cosplay photo. This fan, like most others, would have spent many, many long hours preparing this one particular outfit, and then perhaps equally lots and lots of money buying all the materials to make it herself. No wonder why the sewing machine manufacturer has sponsored this event in the past. So, I present to you Misa Misa from the fantastic comic book and TV series, also made into a fantastic movie, Death Note. For this, and more see my World Cosplay Summit portfolio, and previous cosplay blog posts for more info.

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