The Nara trip

I just got back from Nara. It was hot, 37°C all afternoon and most of the evening, 2° hotter than the forecast maximum. It was really humid, and so sweat just rolls off like it’s raining from your head. And then there’s the smell of deer dung cooking in the sun. Not to mention the your own sweat. Then there’s the long walks between everything. Phew, what a trip! Definitely, if you plan to travel and tour in Japan, August is not the month to do it in, unless you plan to avoid the afternoon heat and avoid heatstroke. You really need to take refuge in your air conditioned hotel room. I’ll be processing the photos from the trip over the next few days, and they’ll be available soon, probably at my agent’s website:

I’ve noticed that since I first posted camera-back photos for tweeting ‘over 468 days ago’ (, more and more photographers have started doing the same. I wonder if I was the first, or how many others thought of it independently, too. Anyway, to whet your appetite here’s one of my favourite deer-feeding photos from Nara. Photo taken with More Lomo, and processed with Adobe PhotoShop for iPhone.

Feeding the deer in Nara.

Feeding the deer in Nara.

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