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Media censorship in Japan

The Japanese LDP led Diet has passed a bill that allows both media censorship and criminal charges and imprisonment for journalists. This is despite strong opposition including 77% of the public disapproving (Japan Times). Fortunately, it still has to be approved by the upper house.
It’s one of those sad days when a democratically elected government tries to hide their goings on from their people. They’ll be able to hide their mistakes, exploit the voters ignorance, and act with near impunity. No government should ever be allowed to criminalise at whim reporting to the public by a “free press”. Please show your opposition to this horrendous bill: For this photo, and other Japanese media related photos, see the Media in Japan gallery.

Foreign Artists Exhibition FAE28

It was a last minute decision to enter the Foreign Artists’ Exhibition (FAE28). This year’s entry is called “The Cone Species: Beautiful City”, based on my recent Flickr collection. The set up day is this Sunday 1st December, and is open free to the public from Tuesday 3rd December to Sunday 8th December. It’ll be open from 10am to 7pm Tuesday to Saturday, and 10am to 5pm on Sunday. FYI, I’ll be tweeting with #FAE28.

Cone Species: Beautiful City

The Cone Species: Beautiful City collection displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition (FAE28) in Nagoya, Japan, December 2013.

POTW 25 Nov 2013: Autumnal afternoon

This Photo of the Week is of a great model I worked with recently. You’ll have seen her in previous POTWs, but not as relaxed. However, it’s a little cooler now than what it was when this photo was taken, but just imagine a warmer late afternoon sun in the early autumn. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter portfolio, and my agent’s website.

TGIF 22 Nov 2013 Travel in Osaka

Here, my two favourite models are working together on this travel themed shoot. I met them in Osaka a couple of weeks ago and made these travel photos at Tenjin Shrine in central Osaka. The shrine is a nice little shrine with a history of only a thousand years or nearly two. The shrine is also host to the annual Tenjin Festival that I shot back in July. For this photo, and others like it, see my PhotoShelter galleries.

Merry Christmas and a 10% off coupon!

It’s the season to be shopping… err… to be merry? Until 31st December 2013 all photos on my PhotoShelter portfolio are 10% off, but with a USD$20 minimum purchase. There are photos available for news, editorial, commercial, advertising, and more. Most photos are available for immediate download (after purchasing), gallery quality prints, products (inc. mugs, mouse pads, and more), personal use (inc. non-commercial blogs), rights managed and a few for royalty free purchasing. There are model-released photos of Japanese and Caucasian models, too. Hang on, I’ve not finished the list yet. There are also photos of Cambodia, Hong Kong (well, just the airport in transit), Australia, South Korea, and Poland.

Coupon code: XMAS2013  Merry Christmas.

The following is a slideshow designed to work on all operating systems and devices, but not Apple’s iOS.

People (RM) – Images by Andrew Blyth

TGIF 15Nov 2013 Nagoya Castle in Autumn

Looking for something to see or do this weekend? Nagoya Castle will probably be surrounded in autumnal colours (not that I’ve seen it recently). I’m pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed anyway. It’s a great place to go in any case. There’s something about the castle that attracts folks with cameras all year round. I’ve seen wonderful photos of it in autumn, spring, summer, and under snow. It’s one of those places you can keep going back to for photos. Since the original castle and attached palace was fire-bombed in the war, the castle you see below is made of cement and has a museum inside. But don’t worry if you or your buddy has a baby in a pram, there is an elevator. The gold things on top are indeed golden dolphins. The idea is that since dolphins live in the water, and they are perched there, then the castle won’t catch fire and burn down… so the theory says. They are currently rebuildiing the palace in time for the 400th anniversary of the castle complexes construction. I think they are near completion, so it would be interesting to see. To get there, take the Meijo Line to the Shyakusho-mae Station (City Hall station), and go out from Exit 7, it will be easy (and obvious) to find.

Support for Philippine Typhoon victims

I received a message from a friend who has been involved with this Non-Governmental Organisation called ICAN that has been providing support to Philippine children for many years. That NGO is now calling for help following the recent typhoon aftermath. I don’t personally have any experience with the NGO, but they have been active in the Philippines, but I’m sure they are well placed to provide good support in the coming days, weeks, months, and on. The information and page is in Japanese as it is intended for Japanese. Even if you can’t use this, do forward this information onto people who can make use of it.

Update: ICAN story in the Japan Times,

International Children's Action Network

International Children’s Action Network


1) フェイスブック 寄付呼びかけのページ (on Facebook asking for donations)

2) アイキャンホームページ 寄付呼びかけのページ (the website for ICAN)

3) 写真はこちらです。(photos posted on Facebook)


ICAN in the Japan Times

ICAN in the Japan Times

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