#POTW Media Censorship in Japan

This Photo of the Week relates to the new bill that allows censorship of the media in Japan. Journalists could face prison for publishing anything that could be (even vaguely) related to national security. This has been reported in the media at places like the BBC, Japan Today, the Korea Herald, and The Straits Times, among others. What is interesting, there has been little follow up on this story. In fact, The Straits Times’ story is about how the bill is set to pass, but as of a few days after the fact, they have not announced the bill had passed. The Australian ABC does not have a story on the issue at all. For more information you can see the Wikipedia Censorship in Japan page, but ironically it appears out of date. Finally, few days ago I made an announcement the media secrecy bill on this blog.

For this photo, and others like it, see the Media in Japan gallery.

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