#POTW 13 Jan 2014 Naked Man Festival

About this time next month there will be the Naked Man Festival, aka Hadaka Matsuri, apparently on the 12th February (Kikuko’s Website). The festival doesn’t have men who are actually stark-naked, nor are they all men, there are boys there, too. Also, you might be thinking, “Next month? But it’s winter, isn’t it?”. Yes, it’s winter, and it’s cold, and it may snow. There is a historical reason for the festival, which involved famines, plagues, and such problems over a thousand years ago, and so the religious elite decided to have a festival where people endure the pain of the cold in order to life the blight afflicting them (JapanesePhotos.Asia/blog, Japan Visitor, Kikuko’s Website).

For this photo, and others like it, see my Naked Man Festival gallery on my PhotoShelter portfolio, and my agent’s website. Also, you can see the 2012 Naked Man Festival video, to enjoy entirely free.

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