#POTW 10 Feb 2014 Naked Man Festival

This Photo of the Week is of the Naked Man Festival to be held this Wednesday. The festival began over a thousand years ago in Nara, and is held in Kounomiya, about a 20 minute train journey from the centre of Nagoya on the Meitetsu Line. It typically involves over 13,000 men (and boys), and unsurprisingly, over 180,000 spectators (more if it’s on on a weekend). The public spectacle begins at about 1pm (though you need to be there by about 11am for a good standing space), and it’s cold, and it has snowed in previous years. More information can be found in previous blog posts, and at Japan Visitor.

For this photo, and others like it, see my Naked Man Festival gallery on my PhotoShelter portfolio, and at my agent’s website. Also, here is a Naked Man Festival video for you to enjoy, entirely free.

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