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  1. Hayde says:

    Good day KenHope you, family & bunsseis are all going well i just came across your brilliant video tutorial on water marking in Lightroom 3.This is great for me a keen amateur i am kinda new to Adobe Lightroom- i live in Cold , Wet, Moody at this time of year London UK – and shoot the odd wedding during the wedding season with my Nikon D200 and my Brand New 2nd hand Nikon D3A friend from a wedding i did last year asked me if i could put her 618 images from her wedding onto a site so she can show her friends & family that she can link them up to view her wedding thumbnails- i am going to sign up to Flickr & upload the images for Private viewingBut i wanted to put a watermark so no one can copy the images: Your Tutorial was neatly done , very clear and easy for a slow learner like me to follow, i am not from the digital age but keen to learn.I also like your images you must be Cooking on Gas Ken ? the Quality is Bang on the Money( Great)How do i resize all my images for web viewing so when i add the watermark- i can then use the Lightroom upload to Flickr i have heard there is an option in LR for doing this? Can you explain please.Thanks for sharing the knowledgeBlessings & RespectWill

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