#LifeWellTravelled :: Delayed suitcases

Today is the 27th August, and it’s been over 58 hours since I last saw my suitcase that I checked into Cathay Pacific in Sydney Australia. Late at night, on the 25th in Nagoya airport, there were announcements to two small groups of people in Japanese language, about why the checked-in luggage was delayed. There were no announcements in English or Chinese, so non-Japanese speaking people had no idea what the problem was. It was when I specifically asked a Cathay staff member what’s happening, did I learn that they weren’t able to open the cargo doors due to the strong winds. I had two choices:
1. Leave now and catch the last train, and have my suitcase delivered the next day (26th Aug)
2. Stay and maybe in an hour or so the typhoon winds will have dropped enough for them to open the cargo doors safely, and spend the night in the airport (maybe with clean underwear)

I chose option 1. It wasn’t until 3am when I was able to get into bed, because the last train from the airport was so delayed, that I missed other last trains back to my place… AND my house key was accidentally not taken out of my suitcase before I checked it in. I was so, so lucky that a friend answered his phone and let me crash at his place. I got my spare to and got into my apartment on the 26th. I assumed sometime yesterday my suitcase would arrive, but so far no, and so far, no word or attempt to contact from Cathay has been made. I have tried to phone them, but a lot of their phone numbers didn’t get me anywhere. The only phone number listed on their website that worked was the for the baggage handlers in Fukuoka, and their Hong Kong and Nagoya airport answering machines (messages were left, but still no response). All other phone numbers, including their international toll free number did not work.

Whilst I’m able to sit at home, with my spare key next to me on my desk, I feel sorry for two Hong Kong guys. They had five days planned in Japan, and spoke zero Japanese. I helped them at the airport station when the staff their only spoke to them in Japanese. They had planned to go to Takayama (3.5 hour train ride from Nagoya) today. I have no idea how they’ll meet up with their suitcases. I also wonder how ruined their trip was. A #LifeWellTravelled ? I hope they were able to make the best of the situation anyway.

I honestly believed that Cathay was so, so much better than this. Now, all those travel blogs about Americans losing their luggage and only taking carry-on luggage makes sense. I just thought it was an American problem. Anyway, I got the spare key to my apartment, and now I’m writing this whilst sitting in clean underwear, unshaven, and unbrushed hair. I can’t go out again today, in case my suitcase does arrive… maybe.

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