#Gnarbox plays GnarGhost

I suppose many Gnarbox backers are now at the point of feeling the kind of bitter one feels after a joke that was funny, is being replayed again, even after its self life is long past. Gnarbox was delivered to a select group of investors in mid to late March, and they promised to ship the rest on the 3rd of April. However, as of today, only one or two commenters have said they’ve received their Gnarbox, whilst many others are saying “Where’s my shipping notice?”. Which is to say, another delivery or rather shipment deadline came and went; again without acknowledgement from the creators. Admittedly, those who have received theirs seem to be as pleased as punch with their Gnarboxes.

The Gnarbox page on Kickstarter.

The Gnarbox page on Kickstarter.

Considering there are a lot of people who still haven’t received theirs, assuming many of them are in the US, and we’re now mid-month, I am not holding my breath for mine to be delivered at all this month, despite their February and March promises. Possibly, there may be many who received their Gnarbox, but now just don’t need it anymore as their current workflow has already made it obsolete, or the blissful post-purchase honeymoon period has long since taken the shine off the product, and so they feel no motivation to talk about their shiny new delivery. Perhaps, the bitterness of the 13 months of delays has soured their enthusiasm, and so they don’t want to publicly admit they have one now. In any case, the Gnarbox creators still haven’t communicated the latest excuse for a delay, nor have they updated the delivery schedule.

If you have received yours, I’d like to hear about it. What is it like? How does it fit into your workflow… if at all anymore. How did you feel about the 13 months of delay? Anything else you like to comment on.

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