Lost drone update #藤前干潟 #ドローン

On Sunday I found a drone on a tidal mudflat at Fujimae / 藤前干潟 near Nagoya Port. Immediately on social media I reached out to look for the owner, but there was no response. I even contacted DJI Japan with the serial number, but they don’t have the owner on records.

So, finally today I phoned the police, told them I will be bringing in a drone that has a lithium ion battery that had probably been submerged in sodium chloride solution (sea water), and so may be dangerous. I went in, questions were asked, and papers were filled in. I was asked if it was unclaimed after 3 months if I wanted it; I said no. It’s probably irreparable anyway. They asked if I needed a reward; I said no. 

Job done. I hope the owner will at least get the memory card back. 

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