A model does 19 poses in 30secs

Here is a model who does 19 poses in 30 seconds. I bet she has a repoirtoire of only 19 poses that she’s learnt, and she does them in the exact same order every time. Hmm… thinking about it now. I bet the MUA has a handful of styles, and they choose one for the day, and from each clothing shoot, they choose three photos, splice them together, and so from start to finish, it may be possible to have a product prepared, shot, processed, and delivered in under 30 minutes… maybe?

For this to work, you need a team where each person has a routine that they strictly follow, and no variation (no creativity) is allowed. The camera needs to be set on a tripod on manual focus, and a fast charge flash(es) on low power is needed.

Could I do this? I don’t have such a team, and my main flash could do it, but with may be an extra second between shots.

What do I do? I don’t want carbon-copies or cookie-cutter photos, but something different each time. I want variety and a little of something different. This looks fun. Here Coco Rocha does her own 19 poses. I bet she’s taken the time to develop them, try them, rehearse them, and then perform them. And over time, she’s got some better, dropped some, and picked up new ones.

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