Model Call in Nagoya 29th Sept #ModelCall

Only open to people already or about to be in Nagoya Japan. If you’re travelling through, and will be in Nagoya on that afternoon, please get in touch. If you can’t do this, could you please pass this information onto a friend who might be interested. Also this is a great opportunity to build your portfolio, and to get know by me a photographer for future work. Updates to the following information will come.

What: Pose as customers in a local pub for commercial art project. The photos will be displayed at the Foreign Artists Exhibition in the first week of November.

Who: Limited to four people (preferably two men & two women) of about 30 years old. Nationalities should be mixed including Japanese and others.

When: 2-4pm, Saturday 29th Sept

Where: Local pub in Meieki, Nagoya, Japan.

Wear: Smart casual (more information to come)

Preparation: All models will be sent a Shoot Plan, which provides information to study, including how to pose, suggested pose styles, and makeup requirements and advice.

Makeup: This is a low-budget shoot, so sadly we cannot have the assistance of a MUA this time. Please prepare your own makeup as stated in the Shoot Plan.

Benefits: Trade-for-prints (up to 10 images for your portfolio and social media self-promotion, number of images will be decided later), and up to two free drinks provided by the venue. Possibility for more work in the future.

Legal: All models will be required to sign an industry standard model release in either English or Japanese.

Language: At least some English required; Japanese abilities are helpful.

Outcome: The images will be used in an art exhibition and online.


See here for more information about model calls, and here for How to Model. モデル求人 and モデルのやり方.

A young lady in a local pub. A young lady in a local pub.

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  1. Aboua Melardot says:

    Melardot from Benin
    Would like to join your shooting session.

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