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Scheduled site maintenance 21st Nov

Maintenance on our servers is scheduled for 21st Nov, from 9am to about 3pm Swiss time (about 5pm to 11pm Tokyo time). All websites will be offline for this time. The return to normal service will depend on how well work can be done, and if they can put us back online sooner, they will. We apologise for the interruption, but assure you it means that service we provide will have ensured reliability and longevity.

Why in Swiss time? The servers are in Switzerland, and maintained by a company on our behalf. We chose Switzerland because they have very strong data protection and privacy protection laws, which benefits you and your users.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Autumn Leaves at Nagoya TV Tower

This Wednesday Wander will come in two parts, just because Instagram doesn’t like mixing wide & tall photos in one post. Short story, still have a cold, nose stuffy, husky but nasally voice, and low energy. Husky voices are sexy, but not when they’re nasally too. 😄🤧 This is not the photographic adventure I wanted to do, but it’s the one I can do. Sakae is in-exotically downtown, easily accessible, but close to cafes and lunch venues; perfect for me today.
Update for those in the know, my new Canon 6Dmk2 with Tamron 24-70mm SPf2.8 is still amazing me. Brilliant combo.
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