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Asakusa Portraits

This Wednesday Wander is the next in line of this series of photos taken at Asakusa in Tokyo. Asakusa is probably the premiere tourist destination in Tokyo.
FYI, I take portraits like these for tourists and make them into photo books that you can keep forever. Make that once in a life time trip a forever keepsake.
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Travel portraits in Tokyo

This edition of Finding Friday is another in this series of travel portraits done in Tokyo. Any suggestions for names for next weeks FF series? Leave them in the comments below.
Just so you know, I’m a travel photographer who specialises in this sort of work. I’m available now in Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka. I’ll soon be off to Melbourne Aust, Taipei Twn, then Kyoto. Follow the links in the bio to find my schedule.
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Rickshaw puller at Asakusa

This Wednesday Wander is next in a series of travel portraits I’d did with two great models Joanne and Ana in Tokyo. This photo is with a rickshaw puller in front of Asakusa.
What I want to do is get your travel portraits at a great place and make them into a special one-off print photo book just for you. Follow the link in the bio for more info.
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Tokyo tourists

Monday Memories is the name of this new segment. This is from a shoot I did back in 2016 in Tokyo. Is the touristy vibe a little too over the top? What’s your favourite or dream place to visit in Tokyo?
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Happy New Year

Make a promise to a very special person, and keep that promise. It means so much for them if you keep that promise. Happy New Year to you and all yours. I wish the best for all of you.
Do you have any special plans for this year? Any special places you wish to go? Anything on your bucket list you wish to accomplish?
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