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Sunset at St Kilda Pier, Melbourne

The this newest segment of our show, let’s call it Frightening Friday, is this rather dramatic image taken at St Kilda Pier, Melbourne. Definitely, this image will be made available as a print that you can purchase soon. Look for announcements on the blog, Twitter and Instagram stories. Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

First attempt at photographing the iconic Flinder’s Street Station at night

In this episode of Friday Firsts is my first real attempt at photographing the iconic Flinder’s Street Station at night. Long time followers know that one of my favourite types of photography is long exposure night photography. This was actually quite hard to do in my preferred style traffic moved in a way that just ruined all other attempts at this photo, so much so, that I think I’ve failed. I have to regroup, reconsider, and plan how to shoot this better next time. Enjoy your weekend.
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Follow Me Friday in Taipei Airport

Follow Me Friday is the name of the new Friday segment on this programme. Here I continue my journey in Taipei’s Taoyuan airport. Next stop: Australia.
Actually, at time of writing I’m already in Aus, and preparing for a major photo shoot on Saturday morning. I’ve already sampled some great foods, driven for hours in the highways, and have caught up with family. Keep following me as I see the sights of Australia.
PS: I hope you had a great week, and have a wonderful weekend.  Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at:

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day to my followers. You’re all fantastic. I hope you have a great day with someone special.
This is a self portrait… sort of. When I was younger I often took photos of my boots or shoes in random places, like on a small mountain while hiking in central South Korea, of on the side of a road during a motor bike trip in Australia. Here, I’ve got my @diadoraofficial on and overlooking a aircraft in Taipei airport. Guess where I’m going 😏
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Portrait in the rain

This post is to catch up on the missed Friday post. As many of you know I’m in the middle of relocating and so packing up my apartment and storing and shipping it took a lot of time. I’m now in my final days here. Electricity and gas will be shut off soon, and I’ll be off to Australia for a few weeks. Going through such big changes is both exciting and scary, and I can wait to take you along with me.
As for commercial work, I have some proposals to submit in the next few weeks, a job in Aus and potentially a second, then back to Japan for tourist season until June. I’ll be posting updates to the Twitter machine and to the blog (follow the link in the bio).
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Portrait in the rain

This Wednesday Wander is another file foto. I wanted to get some authentic but contrived poses, and juxtapose them with the beautiful sheen of the sidewalk. I tried to get some separation of the model from the background.
I don’t want to rely on my photo library too much; however, by Friday next week I will be beyond the horizons in a land far, far away. Getting ready for that trip has been a massive undertaking which meant that I haven’t had time to get out and shoot anything new. The rest of this month and year will be very different.
Anyway, some thank you’d: to Joanie the great model who could bear the cold better than me that day, to my makeup artist Ksara who took care of us all, and to the followers who support this channel, and to the new followers who found us here. .
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Asakusa Portraits

This episode of Fantastic Friday is brought to you by… these two models and me. We photographed at Asakusa a major tourism destination in Tokyo.
FYI, I do tourism tortraits like these, produce them into a book or as wall prints, so you can remember your once-in-a-lifetime Japan experience for life. .
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