Portrait in the rain

This Wednesday Wander is another file foto. I wanted to get some authentic but contrived poses, and juxtapose them with the beautiful sheen of the sidewalk. I tried to get some separation of the model from the background.
I don’t want to rely on my photo library too much; however, by Friday next week I will be beyond the horizons in a land far, far away. Getting ready for that trip has been a massive undertaking which meant that I haven’t had time to get out and shoot anything new. The rest of this month and year will be very different.
Anyway, some thank you’d: to Joanie the great model who could bear the cold better than me that day, to my makeup artist Ksara who took care of us all, and to the followers who support this channel, and to the new followers who found us here. .
Update to the JapanesePhotos Instagram at: http://bit.ly/2WMig2G

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